NOO1K Presentation Box




On the morning of 29th July 2009 brother and sister Ian Roberts and Sheila Sutton “mashed in” (the first stage of the brewing process) for the first time in the newly built Nook Brewhouse.  Now nine years and over one million pints of beer later the Nook Brewhouse has brewed its 1000th batch of beer.

NOO1K has been carefully crafted and oak aged to create a strong and complex body with spicy, woody notes and a sweet finish with flavours of dried fruit, rum and winter berries.

NOO1K is bottle conditioned so drink now or let it age to allow it’s complex flavours to develop further.

Presented in an attractive wooden, rope handled box with a branded pint glass, this is the perfect gift for an ale lover.

This is a one off beer and only 700 bottles have been produced.

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