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  1. Helo,
    As part of my internship with The Fair Traders Cooperative I am doing an assessment process for the products sold in their shop in Holmfirth. The aim of the process is to find the strength of each product and use it to increase sales and encourage customers involvement. The assessment is focused on ethical aspect of production and trade such as environmental impact, social involvement and so on. As part of the process I would like to interview one of your senior stuff members. Can this be arranged in your offices or brewery next week Monday or Tuesday?
    Kind Regards
    Avi Levi

  2. Hi,

    I collect royal bottle beers, not for financial gain, but to record the social history of breweries, brews and pubs.

    Did you produce a bottled beer for the recent Diamond Jubilee – and if so, is it possible to get hold of a couple of bottles?



  3. I was part of a group of people from the Midlands called “The Friends of Highgate Brewery”, named after our local brewery in Walsall. Although our brewery is now closed and unlikely to re-open as a brewery, we still meet to raise funds for local causes and run trips to see other breweries. May 18th was our trip to Huddersfield, originally to see Mallinsons and Magic Rock, but problems scuppered both venues; so we headed out to Holmfirth to find you at ‘The Nook’. Many thanks for the impromptu tour round the brewery which we found to be very interesting. Its quite big for a 5-barrel plant, but we could see it’s built on traditional “top-down” design, very similar in layout to our local Victorian brewery in Walsall, where gravity saves on electricity. The whole group really enjoyed the beers on offer, my favourite being “Baby Blonde”, but there was so little time and so many beers, it was difficult to do them all justice. Thanks again!

  4. Hi, We visited you a week or so ago and loved the pub. We were told that you are currently organising some accommodation – could you please let us know when this will be ready. Regards.

    • Hi Stephen and Julie
      We hope to open our bed and breakfast around spring 2014 in time for The Grand Depart of the Tour de France. Keep an eye on our web site and social media for news and updates.

  5. Hello
    I am picking 18 ales for the 4th Ulleskelf Beer Festival and I am trying to find out what will be available for order in early October, our date is 12th October.
    Can you please let me know what cask ales I would be able to order by then.
    Any help would be appreciated thanks.


  6. Sheila, Thanks for showing us round the Brewery when we had our visit to Holmfirth from Newcastle, My 2nd visit. The Sky Blue Blonde was Very Tasty Indeed. Looking thru your Beer List, i would have too visit The Nook to Try them all. When the B & B is Ready, i might get too Holmfirth & try a few more of the Beers.

  7. Hi

    I run a free house in Mossley, just outside of Ashton under Lyne.

    Is it possible to get your beer supplied to ourselves direct from yourselves.

    We would only be looking for a couple of pins as a guest beer.

    We are not yet in a position to take nine’s as we have only been open a couple of weeks and out turn over is a little slow.

    If it is possible to supply, could you send me a price list and product list

    You can find more details on the pub on camra’s what pub web site


  8. My wife and I called in on the 14th. February, and really enjoyed our visit. we were advised that you will soon be having Rooms available. Have you any idea when, as we are planning a visit again on the 2nd. of May, and would love to stay at your place.
    Thanks Mike & Gill

  9. My wife, Ania, and I sampled your Oat Stout for the first time last night. Ania’s particularly fond of stouts and porters and said this was the best she’d ever tasted. We’re from the ‘other’ county over to the west, but we come to Holmfirth regularly, often with visitors from Poland. We’ll be looking forward to buying more of your splendid brews on our future visits. Happy New Year to You!

  10. Hi, coming to your lovely establishment Friday 29th September stopping over in one of your

    beautiful rooms ( been before ), was wondering if their was any chance of your Choco Orange

    stout to be on or the Cherry stout. Not that theirs anything wrong with your oat stout I like that

    as well, just wondering. Cheers Barry.

    • Hi Barry, Our Beer line-ups change depending on volumes consumed as they go on, however as a back-up we always have bottles of Cherry Stout available, but fingers crossed Choc Orange will be on-sale.

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