The Nook Brewhouse creates an official beer of the Pennine Way


We are please to reveal that the Nook Brewhouse has been selected to brew a brand new ale as an official beer of The Pennine Way.

Sheila Sutton from The Nook Brewhouse said: “Our location and the provenance of our products is something we hold at the core of our business. So we turned to a style of beer that at one time was synonymous will the mill and farming towns of the southern Pennines, Pennine Light Mild.  A low gravity beer with a balance of sweetness and bitter hop character which make it very refreshing and very quaffable.”

“It was this combination that made it the ideal thirst quencher for the local population who worked in the hard, physical jobs that kept the industrial and agricultural economies of the region going through the late 19th and early 20th centuries.”

“With Pennine Light 3.5%abv we have created a “Modern Mild” for the 21st century that can be enjoyed by everyone from walkers after a long day on the trail to city workers looking for a beer to wet their whistle after a long day in the office.”

The beer was officially launched at The Old Nags Head in Edale, Derbyshire (the official starting point on the trail on 30th June.  A hardy group climbed to the summit of Kinder Scout, one of the Pennine most iconic peaks and return to the pub to slake their thirst with several pints of Pennine Light.

Pennine Light 3.5%abv will be available in cask to outlets along the length of the Pennine Way but also to other pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels within our direct delivery areas including Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.

Stockists will be listed as part of the trail’s interactive map online at when they have taken delivery of the official ales. The maintenance of the trail will benefit from a financial contribution from each pint or bottle that is sold.